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At times... when life's being mean... when reality comes round and strikes you from nowhere... it's when i really dun wanna grow up...

Beats By Dr Dre.

By swwosh
It's been more than a week since I got this pair of AWESOME headphones.

So let me start off by INTRODUCING!!!

The AWESOME Beats by Dr Dre headphones!!!

All I can tell you after one week of using it is that, it's just fabulous!!! It's style and performance all in one. I have to say, these are one of the sexiest headphones that money can buy. It's got punchy lows, balance mids, and seriously nice highs. I love my highs and my lows more than anything, and these are just perfect for me. Here are some photos I took.

*Beats by Dr Dre comes in a very impressive, big box.*

* "People aren’t hearing all the music.
Artists and producers work hard in the studio perfecting their sound. But people can’t really hear it with normal headphones. Most headphones can’t handle the bass, the detail, the dynamics. Bottom line, the music doesn’t move you. With Beats, people are going to hear what the artists hear, and listen to the music the way they should: the way I do." DR DRE*

*Inside this huge box, you get a couple of stuff that comes with it*

*A tough carry case*

*Which lies the headphone*

*B is for Beats*

*It comes with an instruction booklet, which I never read*

*Along with 2 cables, an airplane adaptor, 1/4" adaptor, AAA batteries, and a realli good cloth that cleans off ur thumbprint smudges cuz of the glossy finish*

*The AAA batteries are used for noice canceling. Which is pretty much the only drawback of this headphone cuz you have to switch it on to use it. No switch on, means no use. lol. But it's nothing big realli.*

*So after a week of using it, I am glad to say I have made another good choice of what gadget to own. hehehe...*
Another thing that caught my attention other than the performance, is how popular they are in the US. There are a lot of celebrities that are now using Beats by Dr Dre. I think it's more of a fashion accesory when it comes to celebrities using it. I found a few photos of celebs using Beats.

*Lady Gaga and Paris. Btw, Lady Gaga has her own line of earphones by Monster as well. I think they're called heartbeats.*

*Will.I.Am, getting a bit of boom boom POW from the Beats*

*My man, the Superman, Dwight Howard. Dunno why they have him as "NB"*

*The OH!!! so sexyyy Fergie!!! Oh yes, she's Fergielicious. xD*

*The ever so beautiful Gwen Stefani*

*And last but not least....KOBE.......BRYANT!!! Dang!!! check out those laker colours!!! =D*

I dunno if you've noticed, but there are quite a few video clips out there that have Beats in em'. Here's a youtube link to it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fi0aG9AukbI.

To sum it all up, Beats by Dr Dre is a wonderful pair of headphones, but it all depends on the wallet factor. You can get much much better quality headphones out there for a cheaper price, but it's just not something you would use when u go out. Beats are retailed at US$350. I got them for around.. US$310 including postage, which is actually much cheaper if u get it in Malaysia. I had a friend go check out the price for me in KL, and they had it for RM1999. So I had it for nearly half the price. Money well spent. =D

My Purple Blackberry Bold

By swwosh
I've been using my blackberry bold for a while now, and I must say...It is THE best phone I've used to date. No shit...It is that good, and I've owned quite a few phones. First of all, I am addicted to qwerty phones. Secondly, I use my blackberry for everything... It's linked to my email, so whenever i get a new email, I just check it through my phone instead of login into my Yahoo mail and delete whatever email there is. With my blackberry, I can just reply straight away, or delete it. It's seriously soooo convenient. I also use it to surf the web when I'm not at home as well as MSN. Since I'm on a plan with unlimited web browsing and email, there is no internet limit for me. Pretty awesome. But I do pay $69 a month, but really worth it, cause I also get like $350 of credit to use as well as like 300 free minutes every month to call to people within the same network. Anyways, today I received a postage. I've recently ordered a new housing for my blackberry, just so that I could refresh my blackberry up as well as be different to other people. So...i got myself a... PURPLE housing!!! Yes!!! PURPLE!!! I know, you might be saying.. wth?! That's a girly colour. Well.. SCREW THAT!!! Nothing wrong for a guy to like purple. Only REAL men dare to use feminine colours. Anyways, I didn't take a before picture, so I just got a photo off the internet. Enjoy~

*The Original*

*The Not So Original, but still Original*


* The back cover has like a reflective coating. It has a different colour tone to the front, but it still looks nice.*

*I've decided to turn it completely purple, so I've changed even the homescreen picture to something purple*

*Nice or not??? hehe...*


Abarth 695 Tributo Ferrari

By swwosh
OH YES!!! The name says it all..


FERRARI for god's sake!!!

Just look at it... It's smiling to herself, saying... "Yay~ I'm a Ferrari now"

Well... It's too cute to be one... But.. DAMN!!! that's one sexy mother F***er!!!

You've got a turbo charged 1.4 litre engine (i reckon a tuned up version of Alfa's Mito's engine), 17" rims, BREMBO BRAKES, and ferarri scuderia red paint...
oh wait!!!
carbon fibre door mirrors too!!!

This is every hatch back, small car, lover's DREAM CAR!!! well... It's one of mine now anyways... You know that new song by akon and some dude.. "Damn..you're a sexy bitch" or something lidat...



I am so in love with it now... I think I'll look at red much differently now... with RESPECT that is...

Back with some pictures

By swwosh
It's been a while since I've last updated my blog. Being real lazy lately. Already half way through the semester already!!! Damn, time flies.... Anyways, I took these photos on Sunday during my trip to Alaluen Botanical Park. The place is beautiful!!! So many tulips of all sorts of colours.



My Custom Plates

By swwosh
Finally, after waiting for 3 weeks, the custom plates i ordered has finally arrived!!!
That means, I'm the only one in the whole state with the custom plate "DEMIO".
I was actually quite surprised that no one chose this name. Guess Mazda 2s aint really a favourite amongst ppl here. Oh wells, my gain their lost... hehe...



By swwosh
I decided to take photos of my JVC head unit in the end... cuz my fren wanted to have a look at it..so, here is my JVC KW AVX-820, 7" touch screen double din head unit.

*Fits perfectly in the double din enclosure i bought*

*Looks very original... They actually have 7" satellite navigation systems in the Mazda Demios in Japan as an accessory*

*The mic which i hide on the side. So, when ppl call my phone, it shows on the screen, and i just simply touch the screen and talk through the microphone, while the sound comes out from the speakers, as the music is temporarily paused*

*Them menu list. You have the AV setup, which u change the AV settings, mode..uurm..dunno bout that... equalizer, list of songs from ur USB, sound..for u to change sound settings such as fader and balance, and bluetooth for u to sync ur phone with the head unit*

*7 Presets to choose from and 3 for u to configure to ur liking*

*Fader and balance interface. So pretty much, you just touch wherever u want your sound to be. In this case, the middle for a surround sound.*

*Comes with a remote, which I hardly use*

SO yeah...tat's tat... haha... Looking forward to see how my speakers are installed... =D


Polk Audio

By swwosh
Yessss....the newest addition to my car accessories...

Polk Audio Stereo System!!!!

all the way from the US!!!

it only took them 2 days to deliver, using UPS. Which is great... cuz they sent it on friday... and i got it on monday..meaning UPS even works on weekends!!!

Anyways...here are some photos of them...

*My new Polk Audio speakers. I got a set of coaxials for the rears, and components for the fronts.

*6 1/2" DB651s coaxial speakers*

*6 1/2" DB6501 components, which come with tweeters, woofers and crossovers*

*My coaxials, with the high frequency sounds coming off the built in tweeter in the middle of the speaker*

*Tweeters and crossovers*

*A close up of the crossover*

*The woofer for the components*

I've only got this yday, and did some planning today on how to install it. Tweeters are the main problem right now. Dunno the best way to mount them in my car. But, all will be done eventually. Hope they sound good. Have a JVC double din head unit installed as well, but havent got photos taken of it.. Will do in the future.. hehe...